Welcome to my blog. I’m Marvin Cocolah and I live in Hawaii. I used to have blog where I would talk about different topics, like Forex Brokers, celebrities and photography. Photography always had a very precious spot in my heart. For this reason, I decided to make it my job. Eventually I want to use this page to show off some of my latest photography work, but for now it’s just a blog about life in Hawaii… which is more or less like life anywhere else. I’m old enough to have three kids, and one of them has just qualified as a doctor, which means I’m far too old to go talking about my age on the internet. I have a loving wife and a beautiful house, and a Nikon D810 DSLR camera that’s probably one of the best cameras in the whole of Hawaii.

It’s not the perfect life; my job is boring, I work with a newspaper, and the photography they have me do isn’t really very interesting. I’m grateful to have a job at all, though, and it’s great that I have a job that works with my interests. At least that means I can get help getting the equipment from work, and use their photo printers sometimes.

So… welcome to my little slice of the internet. Once I figure out how, I’ll get some photos up here of Hawaii – as you’d expect, it’s a beautiful place and there’s always something to photograph. I’ve done some photography from a boat as well as on land, and it’s amazing what you can see through the water. I’ve got some pictures of the coral reef and the fish that swim around it, it’s pretty amazing.

Weird things people say

People assume some really weird things when they hear my name (Cocolah is my surname, if you remember) and see the fact that I have brown skin and live in Hawaii. For example, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who assume I can’t speak English. In fact, I went to school in the UK and graduated from Oxford. Also one of the main hobbies these people have is to play ทดลองเล่นคาสิโนออนไลน์on  and เล่นรูเล็ตให้ได้เงิน on their mobile phones which basically translates in playing online casinos. 

They also assume I’m not American, like that idiot Trump does about Obama. Well, I won’t deny that Hawaii is pretty different to the rest of the United States… but parts of the United States aren’t at all alike, either. There’s way too much ground covered for that! We might have a bit more of an island mentality here, given that it’s a volcanic group of islands in the middle of miles of ocean, but Texas pretty much manages that without even being an island at all, so they can’t exactly talk.

I was born on Honolulu, though, which is part of Hawaii, which is part of the USA. So yep. I’m American, like or not. Even with this brown skin and this name.

Whether I’ll want to say that after the next election is a different matter, but it always is, and I’m sure some of people from the US mainland would agree anyway, on either side of the political equation.

Of course, the other people assume is, for some reason, that I’m Muslim and must be with the Islamic State bastards. That’s just stupid – I’m not even going to dignify it with the name racism.


I mentioned in the last post that I’m not a Muslim, which prompted a coworker to ask what I am, then. After I got over being gobsmacked that this guy had apparently just assumed that I was a Muslim on the basis of skin color and hadn’t thought about all the geographical reasons why that wouldn’t be the case, he suggested I write a bit about my religion and my experiences with it.

Well, I was raised Baptist, by my mother who came from Kentucky and had pretty strong views about it. I was in college in Oxford before I really thought much about it, going through the motions the same as half the people in church – I bet in any church only half of the people there have ever really thought about what they’re doing there – and then I decided that no, this wasn’t something I believed in. It’s not just the fact that the Bible is as bad as an Islamic hate preacher in many ways, but that didn’t help. It’s all the contradictions and the way people are so sure that they know best about some big guy in the sky who created all of us.

I can’t see that if he’s up there, he cares that much about what we think of him. If he did, he could’ve got rid of atheism already – whether he loved or hated his creation. No, the best thing we can do is live well. So that’s what I try to do.

The Day I Won $10000 Playing Slots at Casino LeoVegas

Since I began playing at casinos while vacationing in the Netherlands, I realized it could be a really fun way to relax and unwind. I found LeoVegas casino was a popular option among by international friends for playing the best online casino games remotely. I decided to check it out and just browse the site.

Why did I sign up?

The first thing that piqued my interest was their welcome bonus. I hadn’t used a welcome bonus before, but this one seemed pretty legit. I asked my friends who are gamblers what they thought, and they told me it was one of the best casino promotions available. It was a 100% deposit match of up to $400, plus a 100 possible free spins.

Your first 20 free spins can be claimed when you register for an account with your e-mail address. It seemed like a great way to play some games and see if I actually liked casino LeoVegas before I added any real money to my casino bankroll. I played through those spins and had fun, so I decided to go ahead and add some more cash.
I ended up putting in $100 total and claiming my spins. I don’t gamble a lot – I’ve still got other priorities and took me almost a month to go through my $100. Then I added a little more to keep playing, which is when I got lucky.

What Happened?

I was playing the Cleopatra jackpot game, and I WON! I was so surprised. I mean, it’s fun to play slot games, but I never thought I’d actually win a bunch of real money from online gambling. I won a total of $10000 while play slot games, which was more than I even know what to do with.

If you’re trying to figure out whether this a casino site you want to play at, let me tell you a little bit more. They’ve been around since 2012. This was one of the main reasons I decided to sign up for an account in the first place. They have a good reputation.
Besides that, my friends showed me how to check license so I would know whether a casino site was safe. I found out that LeoVegas casino actually has three international licenses. All my friends (and these countries) agreed it was a safe place to play and bet my cash.

I wasn’t sure what all I would want to play, so I looked at their game selection. I didn’t realize there were so many software developers. I saw names like Microgaming, NetEnt, and PlayNGo, but I didn’t know what that meant. A quick google told me they were popular companies.

Why else do I like it?

After that, I went ahead and searched through their games, finding out there were literally thousands of slots. Thousands! I had no idea there were so many ways to have fun. I’ve also found out about card games and table games. I recently started playing video poker – I’m a big fan of Jacks or Better. I also like European Roulette.

Guys, I’m still in shock that I actually won a $10000 jackpot. That’s so much money, and it will be so helpful to my family and me. I know that I’ll use part of those funds to go back to the Netherlands and meet up with my friends again.
I know not everyone is going to be as lucky as I am, but I still think casino LeoVegas is a great website. If you like online gambling or want to give it a shot, I think this is a great place for beginners. Catch you on the flip side, Aloha.

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Gokkasten – The Interesting Part of the Dutch Language

Once my time at Oxford was done and I got my degree, I spent some time travelling around Europe. Language has always been something I’ve found very interesting, and so, I took the time to learn a little bit of each language as I travelled. The Dutch word “Gokkasten” was one that I will never forget. The Dutch have a very strange yet interesting way of saying things, and the Dutch word gokkasten is a perfect example of this.

Let’s play gokkasten at a Dutch casino

My time in Holland, or “the Netherlands” as they like to be called (no, Amsterdam is (shockingly) not a country, but a city), was absolutely fantastic. It was one of my first experiences in such a liberal country, with Amsterdam being the perfect example of just how liberal a country can become. It’s crazy to see so many things which are highly illegal in the US and the UK be so well accepted in a country like the Netherlands.

Although I don’t commonly like to gamble due to religious reasons, I felt it may be a nice way to taste the liberal culture without doing anything which is highly illegal in most other countries. As long as I didn’t enjoy it or become addicted, I was happy to give it a shot. Now, bare in mind that I had never even seen the inside of a casino before, let alone a Dutch one!

Slots, casinos, and over-explaining

As I entered, the vibe that the location was giving off was very interesting. Since I did not have a clue how all the machines and flashing lights worked, I went to the bar for a drink first. To my surprise, the drink was free and I got chatting with a nice lady who worked there. After telling her a little about my backstory I asked her what gokkasten meant. I had noticed that the Dutch, much like people in the US, like to over-explain in their word choice. Whereas people in the UK may call it a “bin,” people in the US have to specify what goes in the bin, so they call it a “trash can.” There are a lot of these examples, but I’ll spare you the time of going through them all.

Anyway, the Dutch are much like the Americans in that they like to over-explain the words they use. On Hawaii we always used to joke about people in the US, saying that due to the education system being less effective than the one in Europe, they have to over-explain everything because the other person will not know what they mean without doing so.

This brings us to gokkasten. This literally means gambling closets, which, funnily enough, is exactly what they used to be. Gokkasten are those large slot machines, which do look like a wardrobe or cupboard when you think about it. Go figure!

Which gokkasten did I play?

My conversation with the nice woman in the casino came to an end and now it was time for me to try out some of these Gokkasten for myself (I cannot get enough of that word, it’s surely in my top-10!). The first one I played was created by a company called Gokkasten Spelen and I lost ten euros within five minutes. After winning six euro’s back on the roulette, I decided to try out another one of the gokkasten. This time I lost another fifteen euros, so I decided to call it a day.

All in all, I love the word gokkasten and I’m sure I’ll never forget it. Just like many of the other interesting words I came across while travelling Europe, like cerf-volant, which translates to flying dear (it’s a kite), and innerer schweinehund, which translated to inner pig dog, I will never forget it. However, even though I love the word gokkasten, I don’t think I’ll be playing any more Dutch gokkasten in a while!

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Meet the kids

I mentioned I had three kids and someone at work asked me more about them. (I’m regretting making this blog so easy to find, given that I openly said I was bored with work. So, uh, boss? I’m not thinking of quitting or anything like that. I like my job well enough. I’d just like to win the lottery and be able to quit – and you probably feel the same way. And I need this blog to be easy to find when I do more with my photography work.

So my kids. There’s three of them. The eldest is Cindy. She’s a good girl and has just qualified as a doctor. She’s very busy at the moment so we don’t see her a lot, but she calls her mother every few days to let us know how she’s getting along. That’s all you can ask for once your kid is grown up, I think. No use keeping them tied to your apron strings.

Damien’s a bit younger than Cindy, about to go to college just as soon as he makes his mind up where he wants to go. If he wants to go to college in the UK like I did, he’s going to have to decide soon. They make you choose exactly what you’re going to major in right away, as well.

Finally there’s Gem, our little girl. Not so little now, but she’s a few years behind Damien, so I guess we’ll be keeping her a while longer.

Stories from Work

You’d think that, working with a newspaper, I’d have a lot of great stories to tell about work. The fact is, I thought I did… and then Cindy started working in the emergency room. She can’t tell us much about it, of course, since she has to be careful about her patients’ privacy and so on. But there are always stories floating around – the bizarre things they find inserted in bizarre places where people can’t get them out again, the weird things people do to get their rocks off, the weird lies people tell when they think they’re going to get into trouble or when they’re ashamed of something. There was one woman last week whose story made Cindy kind of sad: she claimed to have walked into a door. Well, Cindy said she’d have to have walked into fifty doors to get half that banged up, and it was clear someone had worked her right over, on purpose.

So that’s kind of put working for a paper into perspective, especially since I don’t really work on anything like breaking news. It’s just the local people, get togethers, weird things that get thrown up on the beach… And there have been some of them. There was one big to-do where someone said they’d found a body. Turned out to be a sex doll someone was trying to get rid of. Heard a rumor afterwards that when they tested it, they found the original owner had some kind of STD and they advised him to seek treatment… 

And we’ll then it was that time when our local casino got it’s cashier robbed during a casino industry conference taking place at the casino which is also one of the nicer resorts here. In the end that casino heist story ended well with employees from the Dutch company online slots, tips voor online blackjack spelen, wunderino auszahlung ab wann and the British free spin no deposit casino BGO casino caught the person in the act. Our local casino 10bet sportwetten where you can play on different games such as mega fortune free spins is however thinking about closing down their physical business and only offer their online casino services through their new website And if you are a fan of sports betting give a go-to online betting in India because we’ve been hearing rumours this website rounded up the best betting offers so far.

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The eye of the camera

I haven’t talked much about photography yet, and that’s a shame because I’m always trying to put words to the experience of getting out there and taking photographs. It’s like seeing through a whole new set of eyes. Suddenly, as you’re looking through the camera, you pick out different things, things you’d never have noticed before. And even then, you can go home and start to look at the photos and notice things you had no clue about when you were actually taking the images.

It’s also amazing what you can capture and what you can’t. They’re right that a picture is worth a thousand words, and yet sometimes not even the camera can capture the moment or the scene. A sunset, someone’s laugh or smile… sometimes, you just have to be there to see it, there’s no good alternative. I have plenty of pictures of my wife and kids laughing and smiling, and they look beautiful. But I’d rather be with them.

I don’t understand people who only want to experience life through a camera lens. The real stuff is out there, and you can see it perfectly well with your eyes. Why are you watching it through a camera lens? Put the camera down, live a little. Don’t be so busy trying to get the perfect shot that you don’t appreciate the moment, or you’ll miss the real fun and you’ll regret it.

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