Welcome to my blog. I’m Marvin Cocolah and I live in Hawaii. I used to have blog where I would talk about different topics, like Forex Brokers, celebrities and photography. Photography always had a very precious spot in my heart. For this reason, I decided to make it my job. Eventually I want to use this page to show off some of my latest photography work, but for now it’s just a blog about life in Hawaii… which is more or less like life anywhere else. I’m old enough to have three kids, and one of them has just qualified as a doctor, which means I’m far too old to go talking about my age on the internet. I have a loving wife and a beautiful house, and a Nikon D810 DSLR camera that’s probably one of the best cameras in the whole of Hawaii.

It’s not the perfect life; my job is boring, I work with a newspaper, and the photography they have me do isn’t really very interesting. I’m grateful to have a job at all, though, and it’s great that I have a job that works with my interests. At least that means I can get help getting the equipment from work, and use their photo printers sometimes.

So… welcome to my little slice of the internet. Once I figure out how, I’ll get some photos up here of Hawaii – as you’d expect, it’s a beautiful place and there’s always something to photograph. I’ve done some photography from a boat as well as on land, and it’s amazing what you can see through the water. I’ve got some pictures of the coral reef and the fish that swim around it, it’s pretty amazing.

Weird things people say

People assume some really weird things when they hear my name (Cocolah is my surname, if you remember) and see the fact that I have brown skin and live in Hawaii. For example, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who assume I can’t speak English. In fact, I went to school in the UK and graduated from Oxford. Also one of the main hobbies these people have is to play ทดลองเล่นคาสิโนออนไลน์on  and เล่นรูเล็ตให้ได้เงิน on their mobile phones which basically translates in playing online casinos. 

They also assume I’m not American, like that idiot Trump does about Obama. Well, I won’t deny that Hawaii is pretty different to the rest of the United States… but parts of the United States aren’t at all alike, either. There’s way too much ground covered for that! We might have a bit more of an island mentality here, given that it’s a volcanic group of islands in the middle of miles of ocean, but Texas pretty much manages that without even being an island at all, so they can’t exactly talk.

I was born on Honolulu, though, which is part of Hawaii, which is part of the USA. So yep. I’m American, like or not. Even with this brown skin and this name.

Whether I’ll want to say that after the next election is a different matter, but it always is, and I’m sure some of people from the US mainland would agree anyway, on either side of the political equation.

Of course, the other people assume is, for some reason, that I’m Muslim and must be with the Islamic State bastards. That’s just stupid – I’m not even going to dignify it with the name racism.