Meet the kids

I mentioned I had three kids and someone at work asked me more about them. (I’m regretting making this blog so easy to find, given that I openly said I was bored with work. So, uh, boss? I’m not thinking of quitting or anything like that. I like my job well enough. I’d just like to win the lottery and be able to quit – and you probably feel the same way. And I need this blog to be easy to find when I do more with my photography work.

So my kids. There’s three of them. The eldest is Cindy. She’s a good girl and has just qualified as a doctor. She’s very busy at the moment so we don’t see her a lot, but she calls her mother every few days to let us know how she’s getting along. That’s all you can ask for once your kid is grown up, I think. No use keeping them tied to your apron strings.

Damien’s a bit younger than Cindy, about to go to college just as soon as he makes his mind up where he wants to go. If he wants to go to college in the UK like I did, he’s going to have to decide soon. They make you choose exactly what you’re going to major in right away, as well.

Finally there’s Gem, our little girl. Not so little now, but she’s a few years behind Damien, so I guess we’ll be keeping her a while longer.