I mentioned in the last post that I’m not a Muslim, which prompted a coworker to ask what I am, then. After I got over being gobsmacked that this guy had apparently just assumed that I was a Muslim on the basis of skin color and hadn’t thought about all the geographical reasons why that wouldn’t be the case, he suggested I write a bit about my religion and my experiences with it.

Well, I was raised Baptist, by my mother who came from Kentucky and had pretty strong views about it. I was in college in Oxford before I really thought much about it, going through the motions the same as half the people in church – I bet in any church only half of the people there have ever really thought about what they’re doing there – and then I decided that no, this wasn’t something I believed in. It’s not just the fact that the Bible is as bad as an Islamic hate preacher in many ways, but that didn’t help. It’s all the contradictions and the way people are so sure that they know best about some big guy in the sky who created all of us.

I can’t see that if he’s up there, he cares that much about what we think of him. If he did, he could’ve got rid of atheism already – whether he loved or hated his creation. No, the best thing we can do is live well. So that’s what I try to do.