Stories from Work

You’d think that, working with a newspaper, I’d have a lot of great stories to tell about work. The fact is, I thought I did… and then Cindy started working in the emergency room. She can’t tell us much about it, of course, since she has to be careful about her patients’ privacy and so on. But there are always stories floating around – the bizarre things they find inserted in bizarre places where people can’t get them out again, the weird things people do to get their rocks off, the weird lies people tell when they think they’re going to get into trouble or when they’re ashamed of something. There was one woman last week whose story made Cindy kind of sad: she claimed to have walked into a door. Well, Cindy said she’d have to have walked into fifty doors to get half that banged up, and it was clear someone had worked her right over, on purpose.

So that’s kind of put working for a paper into perspective, especially since I don’t really work on anything like breaking news. It’s just the local people, get togethers, weird things that get thrown up on the beach… And there have been some of them. There was one big to-do where someone said they’d found a body. Turned out to be a sex doll someone was trying to get rid of. Heard a rumor afterwards that when they tested it, they found the original owner had some kind of STD and they advised him to seek treatment… 

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