The eye of the camera

I haven’t talked much about photography yet, and that’s a shame because I’m always trying to put words to the experience of getting out there and taking photographs. It’s like seeing through a whole new set of eyes. Suddenly, as you’re looking through the camera, you pick out different things, things you’d never have noticed before. And even then, you can go home and start to look at the photos and notice things you had no clue about when you were actually taking the images.

It’s also amazing what you can capture and what you can’t. They’re right that a picture is worth a thousand words, and yet sometimes not even the camera can capture the moment or the scene. A sunset, someone’s laugh or smile… sometimes, you just have to be there to see it, there’s no good alternative. I have plenty of pictures of my wife and kids laughing and smiling, and they look beautiful. But I’d rather be with them.

I don’t understand people who only want to experience life through a camera lens. The real stuff is out there, and you can see it perfectly well with your eyes. Why are you watching it through a camera lens? Put the camera down, live a little. Don’t be so busy trying to get the perfect shot that you don’t appreciate the moment, or you’ll miss the real fun and you’ll regret it.